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Ladies & Gentlemen
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for all those interested in the early period of the 20th century from 1900-1950. Feel free to discuss fashion, art, literature, sex, politics and all other forms of era-relevant culture and neoculture.

-Do not promote other communities here! EVER.
-Use Lj-cut tag to post large images.
-If you must post to introduce yourself, please add some interesting content regarding the topic of this community. How the golden age applies to you, what you find interesting about it, etc...

Failure to follow the rules will result in your immediate destruction. Or you'll just be banned. ;)
1920's, 1930's, 1940's, abbott and costello, al jolson, albert einstein, annette hanshaw, antiques, applesauce, art, art deco, avant garde, bauhaus, bela lugosi, bertolt brecht, bettie page, betty page, big band, black and white movies, blackface, bloomers, boas, bob fosse, bobbed hair, bow ties, brian howard, bright young things, broadway, burlesque, cab calloway, cabaret, cary grant, champagne, charlie chaplin, chicago, christopher isherwood, clara bow, crooners, culture, dada, dandies, dandy, decadence, depression era, ephemera, evelyn waugh, expressionism, f. scott fitzgerald, fanny brice, feather fans, feminism, film, film noir, finger wave, flapper culture, flappers, frank sinatra, freaks, fred astaire, gentlemen, george grosz, ginger rogers, gramophones, greta garbo, gypsy rose lee, harold acton, harry crosby, harry houdini, hellzapoppin, history, irving berlin, jazz, jazz babies, jean harlow, jimmy stewart, josephine baker, kitsche, knickers, l'age d'or, ladies, literature, little rascals, louise brooks, luis bunuel, mae west, magnus hirschfeld, marilyn monroe, marlene dietrich, marx brothers, max ernst, metropolis, minstrels, mobsters, nosferatu, nostalgia, old stuff, orpheum, phonographs, pinups, pola negri, pre-code film, prince nez, prohibition, ragtime, retro, retro culture, roaring twenties, rudolph valentino, rudy vallee, salvador dali, sarah bernhardt, silent film, slapstick comedy, social history, society, spats, speakeasies, squirrel nut zippers, suits, surrealism, swing, swing dance, tcm, the blue angel, the charleston, the depression, the jazz age, the shimmy, tin pan alley, top hats, tuxedos, ufa, vamps, variety shows, vaudeville, victrolas, vile bodies, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage erotica, vintage fashion, voluptuous panic, waltz, wc fields, weimar berlin, white rats, world war, zarah leander, ziegfeld follies, zoot suits